Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What Makes India a Favourite Medical Destination For International Patients And Their Families?

Not many years ago, the rich class would go abroad for surgeries and non-surgical treatments. We, in India, had not much in terms of medical facility and rehabilitation centers. Things have changed so much since then. Be it our doctors, our hospitals and research centers or the affordability of our treatments, India has established itself as a major destination for medical tourism. Today, not many choose to fly to US or UK for their treatments – in fact, millions of patients and their families fly to India in search for better medical facilities, doctors, and lower costs.

Welcome to India of today. We’ve hundreds of hospitals and clinics in our country that offer all sorts of treatments at affordable rates. Whether it is cancer or obesity or knee transplant need or hip replacement, we have hospitals and doctors that do it all – at a cost that looks like peanuts when compared to the charges of many hospitals in foreign countries.

International patients and their families do not face communication hurdles since the doctors and the support professionals in India are comfortable with English, which has become sort of a universal language. Indian hospitals not only provide affordable treatments, but also go the extra mile to help their patients and families find accommodations nearby and arrange city tours.

However not all hospitals are equal when it comes to their doctors’ skill sets and cost of their facilities and treatments. So, one should conduct a thorough research – both online and offline – to determine the best possible hospital. One should also remember to keep all his / her tests and other medical papers along with him / her.

Of late, hospitals have also introduced short term CPR and first aid training in Delhi and many other cities. These courses can be taken by common folks to improve their skills to save people with heart attacks or when they have nearly drowned.

One can complete one such course in a matter of hours. Anybody can take a CPR and first aid training in Delhi. If you’ve no idea about how to go about one such course, just Google for ‘CPR and first aid training in Delhi’ and browse through several sites that pop up on your screen.

If you’re a corporate HR, you can arrange CPR and first aid courses for your people. Most of these courses are likely to be video-based, which means one can learn from his / her work station.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Emergency Training Courses For Ordinary Folks Like You And I – And Why These Courses Matter In The First Place?

So tell me this – what comes to you mind when you think about emergency training courses?

Training to tackle emergency situations like earthquake, flood, heavy rains and tsunami.

Actually, in this post, we’ll talk about emergency training courses that equip with the skills to help people from heart attacks and near drowning conditions. We’ll talk about basic first aid and cardiopulmonary courses.

There’re hospitals in every city that run these emergency training courses – these courses tend to last for a couple of hours or a couple of days at the maximum. Plus, they’re extremely cheap, cost wise. Many hospitals also offer video-based courses that anyone can learn at home or office.

In basic CPR course, you learn to recognize the symptoms of heart attacks, and the right way to help the person until medical help reaches the spot. You learn to compress the chest with the right intensity and frequency, and give mouth to mouth CPR when needed.

We may be ordinary folks – working in offices from 9 to 9. But we are special in our own ways – we take care of our families, we pay taxes and help the country grow. With basic emergency training courses, we can up skill ourselves and become able to save lives. These courses don’t cost much – but they add a ton of value to us. Just search for the hospitals that run these courses and apply for one. Before you’d realize, you’d be done with the course.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

5 Ways To Feel Good About Yourself (And Get Appreciated In Your Office)

You work hard. But your boss does not see that. You have been working for this company for years, but not many have any idea about who you are, and what you do in this company. Sometimes, you wish you could transform yourself and show to the people who you are. Well, I am here to help.

In this short post, I am going to share with you 5 tips to feel good and get appreciated in office or wherever you are. So, are you ready? I bet you are.

Hit the gym

I know what you are just thinking about – see I have not lost my mind. I am pretty much clear about what I am telling you to do. Hit the gym for a week and see the magic it begins to create in and around you.

Just one hour a day is what I am asking you to do; in return, I promise you a life that would be so much different, so much exciting. Am I asking for a lot?

Get a new haircut and some new clothes

Your hair makes up a big part of your looks. So work on them. Go to a nice saloon and get yourself a trendy haircut, something people cannot stop but notice and appreciate.

Clothes, should I need to tell you how big difference they bring to one’s personality?

Take your friend or family member along and shop for a couple of formals and casuals. And yes, do not forget to buy 2 pairs of shoes.

Take up a corporate CPR training course

How many of your colleagues can be of some help if someone in your company gets an heart attack or needs immediate care? Think.

Most of us working in corporates are good at our work. But when it comes to life saving skills, we hardly know a thing. So, I urge you to look for corporate training courses in India and take up a short term course that can help you learn the basic lifesaving skills.

You never know when your skills would be needed.

Many hospitals run corporate training courses in India.

You can also take up a communication / public speak course and improve the way you present your ideas or converse.

Be proactive

I assume that you work smartly in your company and you do not give your boss any good reason to get angry about you.

Now I want you to be a little proactive.

You are active when your boss tells you to do something and you do that. You are proactive when you know something needs to be done, and you do that even before your boss says so. Be proactive.

Say good morning, every morning

So, every day you meet someone of your office in the lift? And you do not look at him. Even if you do, you do not say anything.

From the next morning onward, I want you to see this ‘meeting in lift’ as an opportunity to build your network with those who work in your office, or other offices in the building. You do not need to continue this conversation for minutes, just a simple good morning will do.

You’d be surprised how this simple thing help you talk better with your colleagues.

We have a lot more to share with you on this topic. And therefore, we have planned to write down a series of posts on this. So, check us back often for more updates on ‘how to feel good about yourself and get appreciated’; we will also write down a couple of posts on the institutions you can go for affordable and certified corporate training courses in India.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Medical Observership Programs – Deepen Your Expertise At a Price You’d Love To Pay

Yes, this post is about the benefits of medical observership programs. However, if you are not very clear about what these programs are all about, we’ll give you an idea first. Conceptually, a medical observership program occurs in a medical institution. The programs give you a chance to observe and directly/indirectly assist the experienced doctors; you understand their medical system and build strong relationships with the colleagues and faculty.

Now that you have got a fair idea about the medical observership programs, let’s discuss the benefit part. The very first benefit that entails a medical observership program is you get a chance to deepen your expertise in your chosen speciality. Whether it is dermatology, emergency medicine, psychiatry, or surgery, medical observership programs are there to help you understand your field a lot better.

Second, you get a chance to interact with the best of doctors in your field. You get to attend lectures, assist in patient care, and even go on to build a strong professional network.

The best thing is these courses or programs do not cost much and they tend to be short term in nature; however the programs’ fee and duration vary from one medical institution to another. It’s important then that you conduct a thorough research and satisfy yourself before you pay for a medical observership program.