Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What Makes India a Favourite Medical Destination For International Patients And Their Families?

Not many years ago, the rich class would go abroad for surgeries and non-surgical treatments. We, in India, had not much in terms of medical facility and rehabilitation centers. Things have changed so much since then. Be it our doctors, our hospitals and research centers or the affordability of our treatments, India has established itself as a major destination for medical tourism. Today, not many choose to fly to US or UK for their treatments – in fact, millions of patients and their families fly to India in search for better medical facilities, doctors, and lower costs.

Welcome to India of today. We’ve hundreds of hospitals and clinics in our country that offer all sorts of treatments at affordable rates. Whether it is cancer or obesity or knee transplant need or hip replacement, we have hospitals and doctors that do it all – at a cost that looks like peanuts when compared to the charges of many hospitals in foreign countries.

International patients and their families do not face communication hurdles since the doctors and the support professionals in India are comfortable with English, which has become sort of a universal language. Indian hospitals not only provide affordable treatments, but also go the extra mile to help their patients and families find accommodations nearby and arrange city tours.

However not all hospitals are equal when it comes to their doctors’ skill sets and cost of their facilities and treatments. So, one should conduct a thorough research – both online and offline – to determine the best possible hospital. One should also remember to keep all his / her tests and other medical papers along with him / her.

Of late, hospitals have also introduced short term CPR and first aid training in Delhi and many other cities. These courses can be taken by common folks to improve their skills to save people with heart attacks or when they have nearly drowned.

One can complete one such course in a matter of hours. Anybody can take a CPR and first aid training in Delhi. If you’ve no idea about how to go about one such course, just Google for ‘CPR and first aid training in Delhi’ and browse through several sites that pop up on your screen.

If you’re a corporate HR, you can arrange CPR and first aid courses for your people. Most of these courses are likely to be video-based, which means one can learn from his / her work station.

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