Monday, February 29, 2016

How Can You Help Someone Who Has Collapsed Because Of An Attack Or Near Drowning?

Often, it's easy. Just follow the steps that I have listed below.

First things first, ensure that you are not risking your health or life. Gently shake the casualty or if required, shout. The idea is to get a responsive from the fallen person.

Airway: Check the airway. Kneel down by the person and open the airway by tilting their head backwards

Breathing: Check whether the person is breathing property. All you have to do is place your ear over his or her mouth and look at the chest so that you can get an idea whether the person is breathing. Check for normal breathing for up to 10-12 seconds

Compressions: If the person is not breathing, it's time to call an ambulance and start giving chest compressions. Start the CPR with 30 chest compressions followed by 2 rescue breaths – each rescue breath should not last more than a second. Afterwards, keep compressing the chest – the aim should be to give about 100 compressions a minute. Stick with the compressions for a couple of minutes or till the person shows signs of improvements such as coughing or breathing. When you are tired, let someone else give the chest compressions. This rule of about 100 chest compressions a minute is applicable to adults, children and infants, but not on newborns.

Why should you take up a CPR and first aid training?

Because it is incredibly important – each year thousands of innocent lives are lost at homes, on roads, in office, and public places. Many of these lives could have been saved had there been someone around them with CPR expertise.

There're several institutions that provide CPR and first aid training in Delhi,NCR. Google for them and speak with some of these institutions. And then take up a short term CPR and first aid training programme in Delhi/NCR or in whichever city you live in or work.

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